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Greed has taken over the experience of a baseball game

Dodger Pricing.jpeg

What happened to the experience of a baseball game. As a kid you look forward to the season starting and either bombard family with “let’s go to a baseball game” or you get surprised and taken out to one. My family never had a diehard team we rooted for so we would either attend the California Angels or the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a kid you don’t know the cost of tickets but you do see the pricing of food. Dodger dogs were a couple bucks and a bag of peanuts was a buck. Like it or not but the pricing does set a precedence on the experience of a game. So, who can we blame for this. You can point the finger at the owners all you want but the players do play a huge role in this madness. They want more and more and more. Just recently I heard that Bryce Harper is going to ask for $400 million when his contract is up. I’m afraid things will never go back to the way it was. Just an idea of how much a game for two would cost is about $100. This doesn’t include the tickets, so do the math on that. Nothing will ever be like watching a live baseball game. However, due to the pricing will this impact attendance? If you do have the opportunity to attend a game I ask that you make the most of it!

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