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Will there ever be a Godfather of Baseball Again "Tommy Lasorda"

What happened? Where'd it go? The Godfather of Baseball Tommy Lasorda taught us all one thing. "You can't have fun when you lose". And this guy showed it!!  Tommy was the type of coach that got in your face and told you what you didn't want to hear but also praised you when you succeeded. Now we have coaches blowing kisses to their players when they don’t do their job. Tommy had a uniqueness to him. He was always direct when asked a question, behind closed doors or not. Growing up as a kid watching the Dodgers it was the norm hearing Tommy being straight with the media when asked a question of a player. We don’t see that today. We see coaches treating their players like cabbage patch dolls and not holding them accountable. One thing about the Godfather is once he got on the field it was business and friend or no friend he will get in your face. Will there ever be another Godfather. I doubt it since we have a bunch of sissies coaching the game that are scared shitless to hurting feelings.

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