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They don't get any classier "Iceman" Chuck Liddell


Hearing of the Iceman's return is a blessing and concern for MMA fans. A legend of the sport who some could argue put UFC on the map Chuck Liddell doesn't have anything more to prove. He's been champion, he's a HOF, and now he's an MMA icon. But for anyone who has done something their whole life they would why Iceman is returning. When being a competitor your whole life it's as if breathing is winning and bleeding is losing. In other words being competitive is an addiction. The first time I knew of the Iceman was noticing him on a freeway billboard in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact it was the promotion of Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell. You never even heard of cage fighting or the UFC. So I did my research and I instantly fell in love. Anything gladiator related has an immediate want from people. I knew cage fighting was going to be a huge success and in all fairness these two legends made this happen. They are owed the biggest thanks from the sport and its fans. The ironic thing about this story is rumors have it that Iceman will be fighting Tito for a third time. These two have one of the most intense workout regiments prior to fights so you know they will be coming in to kill. The question is will Iceman continue fighting after Tito, that's if it does happen??

Champion Chuck Liddell at his home and talks about his street fighting days, how many fights he got in high school, meeting Dana White, his love and hate for McGregor and his possible comeback to the world of MMA. A man never been knocked out asks the Iceman to hit him.

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